Saturday, 13 December 2014

Movie Review 
The First Grader          
Maruge (Oliver Litondo) an 85 year old man who fought for his country now wants to take advantage of the free education his Kenyan government has promised “to all".  Maruge puts his pride aside while he consistently attempts to get into a remote mountain top primary school in the Kenyan bush. After being sent away numerous times, a young teacher name Jane Obinchu  (Naomie Harris) accepts him out of pity. Maruge dedicates himself, despite the fact that he is surround by a class of six year olds. However, parents and the community are outraged. They believe this is a waste of education on such an old man. Jane fights to ignore the critics, as she continues to teach, support, and believe in Maruge, while facing fierce opposition and threats.

“The First Grader” is based on a true story, directed by Justin Chadwick. It is a dramatic biography full of heartfelt, Inspiring, and emotional scenes. It reassures us that we are never too old to learn. Opening our eyes to how precious education is, even if its just knowing how to read and write. Oliver Litondo played an award wining role, he walked with a cain and a limp showing grave emotion through his eyes. He played brutal, heart aching  scenes where you could feel his pain. The beautiful Naomie Harris gave justice to her character as she played a strong and bold female role. The children in the movie danced, protested and connected with the audience giving the movie a realistic feeling no matter the circumstance. Some parts of the movie felt a bit drag along some might even consider the storyline predictable, but overall it had a very meaningful take away message. 

“ The First Grader” is definitely worth the hour and forty three  minutes that you will spend watching it. I consider it a must watch movie, especially if you know someone who needs the motivation to continue pursuing their education. I'm also giving a “buy a tissue box” warning for all the “cryers”, this movie will touch you. Viewers say the movie is ”great for any age”, “a story of courage and strength in the face of adversity”, and is “a serious and important film”. On average this movie was rated a 7.4 out of 10 and I didn’t hesitate to give it a four star. 

Sherika Harris